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Cold Tapas / Tapas Frias

Vegan & vegetarian Vegano y vegetariano

Roasted red pepper, onion and aubergine on toast

(with or without anchovies) Escalivada (con anchoas) 4.95   6.25  

Marinated mixed olives Acetetunas  3.50

Russian salad with eggs, potato, peas & carrot in mayo

(with or without tuna)   Ensalada Rusia  4.25  5.25

Spanish cheese selection  Solo quesos

(please order bread to accompany if required) 7.50


Meat / Carne

Plate of cured meats Serrano ham, Chorizo and Bellotta  

(please order bread to accompany if required) Embutidos  9.50  

Serrano ham, manchego & chorizo on bread

Jamon, chorizo y queso con pan  6.50


Fish / Pescado

Smoked salmon with cream cheese (with or without anchovies) Salmó ahumado con queso (y anchoas) 6.50  7.95

Marinated anchovies on toast  Anchoas sola con tostado  4 .95


Salads, bread & toast / Ensaladas, Pan y tostada  

House mixed salad Ensalada casera 450

Tomato and onion salad Ensalada tomate y cebolla  4.75

Tomato bread  Pan tomate  3.25

Spanish style garlic toast Tostada con ajo 3.25

Garlic toast with tomato Tostada tomate y ajo  3.50

Hot tapas / Tapas Calientes

Vegan & Vegetarian / Vegano y Vegetariano

Aubergine fritters Berenjenas  3.95

Vegan chilli in potato shells Chilli con verduras en cascara de papa  5.50

Grilled asparagus (with Serrano ham)

Espárragos a la plancha ( con  jamon) 4.95  6.95

Tempura onion and pepper rings Calamares del campo  3.95

Crspy fried potatoes with alioli and tomato sauce Patatas Bravas 4.50

Spanish omelette,  Tortilla Española  3.95

Mushrooms in blue cheese Champiñones en queso azul  5.50

Grilled halloumi  Halloumi a la plancha   5.25


Fish / Pescado

Prawns in chilli and garlic oil Gambas Pil Pil  6.95

Squid rings in batter with Ali oli Calamares a la Romana con alioli  4.75

Deep fried whitebait  Espadin frito  4.75

Grilled whole Med prawns with alioli Gambas a la plancha 6.50

Whole grilled baby squid Calamari a la plancha 4.75


Meat / Carne

Pork and beef meatballs in tomato sauce

Albondigas con salsa de tomate 4.25

Beef Chilli in potato shells Chilli con carne en cascara de papa  5.50

Chicken and chorizo skewers Pollo con chorizo frito  4.95

Marinated pork skewers Pinchos di cerdo   4.95

Chicken wings in lemon & honey Alitas di pollo en limon y miel 4.95

Sausages in a tomato sauce Salchichas en salsa de tomate  3.95

Homemade chicken croquettes Croquettas di pollo 4.75

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Tapas @ The Wild Man

Tapas are smaller portions, so you can order one for a starter, two for a snack or 3, 4 or 5 as a main meal depending on your appetite! You can order a “Chefs Plate” as an introduction to four single tapas for just 5.00 Or a Chefs mixed selection of 5 mixed tapas and bread per 2 persons  19.95