Bramford Road, Sproughton, Ipswich, IP8 3DA

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Nachos topped with either :homemade pulled beef

or vegan chilli & cheese    9.75

Gambas Pil-Pil - Garlic and chilli prawns     6.95

Deep fried Brie wedges with cranberry sauce        5.25

Tempura vegetables served with sweet chilli sauce       5.25

Bowl of bones bbq pork ribs and chicken wings  10.75


Deep fried whitebait with tartare sauce     4.50

Pulled pork, apple & sage terrine with toast     5.25

Halloumi with mango chutney and salad      5.25

Homemade soup of the day (v) with bread    4.20

Prawn salad in Marie  rose sauce     4.75

Creamy garlic mushrooms (v) on toasted brioche     5.50

Our Carvery

Our hand carved meats are roasted daily. Enjoy our famous home-made cauliflower cheese & Yorkshire puddings then help yourself to roast potatoes & parsnips, stuffing, fresh veg, and lashings of gravy. There are sauces to compliment your favourite roast.

Wild Man Carvery with at least two meats to choose from, try a little of each!    9.95

Hungry Wild Man Bigger plate, bigger portion, more meat, yorkies and veg.       11.95

Lamb Shank Cooked to order & sent to the carvery with mash, just add veg.         14.95

Nut Roast (v) Try our delicious nut loaf, cooked to order and sent to the carvery with veggie gravy for you to add your finishing touches!        9.95

Pan Fried Salmon Cooked to order & sent to the carvery for you to add your sides    9.95  

Sunday carvery with three meats to choose from and a wider selection of veg      10.60

If you don’t fancy having carvery veg with your meal we can prepare  carvery meats, pan fried salmon or the

veggie nut roast with new potatoes, salad and slaw and send it straight to your table.


From the Grill

Full rack of juicy bbq ribs (gf) (df) with a jacket

potato & sour cream, salad & slaw   14.50


10oz Sirloin steak, cut to order and cooked

to your liking (gf) (df) with onion rings, grilled tomato, mushrooms, chips, salad & slaw        16.25


Homemade beef burger in a brioche bun with hand cut chips, onion rings salad & slaw      8.75


Add bacon and/or cheese to your burger for 75p each


Halloumi, red onion & roasted pepper burger (v) (gf) in a brioche bun with chips, salad & slaw       9.50


Hunters chicken with bacon & melted cheese served with chips and peas       10.25

Pub Grub

  * Two mains for £15 Mon-Fri 5-7.30pm

* Gammon or ham as available with double egg,

chips & peas     9.25  


* Deep fried halloumi in tempura batter with

chips & peas or salad      9.50


* Whole tail scampi with chips, peas &

tartare sauce      9.25    


* Pure pork bangers and mash (gf)

with peas, a Yorkshire pud & gravy     8.25


* Fish n Chips, in our own beer batter

with peas & tartare sauce       9.25    


Homemade pub grub…

* Beef or roasted Mediterranean vegetable lasagne (v)

with salad & garlic bread    9.25  


* Turkey or vegan curry with rice, naan &

mango chutney   9.25  


* Pulled beef or vegan chilli with cheese &

rice or a jacket potato    9.25

Home Made Desserts 4.50 each          

Apple crumble or Bread & butter pudding

served with custard, cream or ice-cream

Sherry trifle

Warm chocolate brownie

served with vanilla ice cream (gf)


New Hot Waffles 5.25 each

Choose from the following toppings…  

Strawberry waffle with strawberry & vanilla

ice cream & strawberry sauce

Chocolate waffle with chocolate & vanilla

ice cream, & chocolate sauce

Banoffee waffle with vanilla ice cream,

sliced banana & toffee sauce


More desserts also available

Most of our food is prepared and home-made from fresh local ingredients, we hand cut all our skin on chips and make most of our sauces as well as the amazing coleslaw!!! Where applicable there are gluten free (gf) and dairy free (df), vegetarian (v) and vegan options for certain dishes. We do not prepare any nut products in our kitchen.